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Q. What is Jake Sweeney Buy Here Pay Here?
A. We’re the leading used car and finance company franchise. We have the largest network of dealers, doing business with more than 5,000 customers every month in 31 states. We’re 18 years old and still growing.
Q. What makes you different?

A. Our program makes us different—it’s way more than a car. We provide our customers with the combination of quality vehicles, affordable financing, and expert servicing after the sale. That’s why our customers give us high customer satisfaction ratings.


Q. Who's your typical customer?

A. Our customers are hard-working men and women, and young people just starting out. They usually need a car for work. Many of them have a credit challenge—which is not surprising, since nearly 50 percent of Americans don’t qualify for automobile financing at conventional financial institutions. Using our own financing company, we are as accommodating as possible. We want our customers to get back on the road to maximizing their opportunity for advancement.


Q. What does "maximimize their opportunity for advancement mean"?

A. Credit challenges usually result in setbacks. We want to help our customers overcome those setbacks and begin moving forward again. We call this forward motion advancement, and it can begin with a better car and affordable financing. With payments that fit their budgets, better cars, expert service, low-cost repairs and a system that reports their good payment history, our customers have the chance to overcome their setbacks and get on the road to advancement.


Q.  Does everyone qualify for your financing?

A. Frankly, no. But we have trust in our customers, and we’re more willing to take a risk than other dealers.


Q. How do you provide financing?

A. We don’t just sell a person a car. We work with all customers to find the best vehicles for their needs, and the best ones for their monthly budget. That’s in our best interest and the customer’s. Selling a car that the customer can’t afford does neither of us any good. Simply put, we’re not just looking for a sale—we are looking for a relationship.


Q. What’s the typical interest rate for your financing?

A. All interest rates in our economy—from credit cards to home mortgages—are based on risk. Each Jake Sweeney BHPH customer application is evaluated individually. As is common in our economy, customers who have experienced credit difficulties incur higher rates.


Q. What makes you say your cars are more reliable?
A. Our company’s buyers are very picky. They look for the best and most reliable five to ten year old vehicles.
Then, back at our service centers, we subject each vehicle to an intense inspection, and we do whatever work is necessary to ensure that the car meets our comprehensive vehicle inspection standards. On average, that work costs us $1,100 per car. We don’t believe in selling a car “as is.” Our cars go to the customer with a warranty.* A branded title check from CARFAX® or EXPERIAN® is also available.
Q. It’s doing more that results in you charging more, right?

A. The Jake Sweeney BHPH program is priced fairly and equitably, and our customers receive excellent value. We begin with more expensive vehicles. We invest an additional $1,100, on average, in service before the sale. Reliability is critical to us. The truth is that our most favorable business outcome is for all customers to be completely happy with their cars and make timely payments through the duration of their contracts. So quality vehicles help both us and the customer—it’s a win-win for everybody.


Q. Do you provide free or discounted vehicle servicing?

A. Certainly! It’s in our best interests to do so. As a result, most of our servicing is provided at either no cost, or at our cost. Those modern service bays of ours are not a separate profit center. They’re another satisfaction center.


Q. What’s Jake Sweeney BHPH’s view on customer care?

A. Our goal is simple: Exceed the customer’s expectations, because our success is in their hands.Here’s something we do that is not expected in the market: We trust our customer.We treat him or her with dignity and respect. We thoroughly explain the terms of the sale. We put out the facts, and then we let the customer decide. And we also think our customers deserve better than some ramshackle, fly-by-night used car lot down the street or across town. We offer them a modern, professional, and sophisticated environment. We know what buying a used car can be like, particularly for people accustomed to being underserved. We don’t want anxiety. We don’t want distrust. And we don’t want failure in our relationship. We want satisfied customers.


Q. How do customers like your program?
A. Like anyone else, they appreciate that we’re straightforward and honest with them. We’re proud of the fact that our customers give us high customer satisfaction ratings. In a business full of distrust, those customer satisfaction ratings tell us that our customers trust us.
But we don’t rest on those laurels. We have a state-of-the-art system that monitors customer satisfaction and immediately alerts us to customer concerns anywhere in our dealership network. We work hard to resolve every complaint, within 24 hours when possible.
Our customers appreciate that we deliver more than anyone else. That’s why we’ve sold more than 700,000 vehicles since we began, and why more than 5,000 people bring us their business every month.
Q. Do you set a high bar for your franchise owners?
A. Yes, we have established high standards, and we monitor our franchisees to ensure that those standards are met. Jake Sweeney BHPH provides a necessary service to hard-working people, and we take that responsibility seriously
For instance, we maintain an innovative customer satisfaction monitoring system. When the customer offers an opinion, we listen. And we make sure the franchise owners are listening, too. They’re committed to a code of standards that puts the customer first.
We have a trusted brand. Our name on the door is a sign to customers that they will receive the same service and satisfaction they expect from any responsible national brand.
Q. What’s the difference between Jake Sweeney BHPH and a typical buy-here, pay-here dealer?
We’re in this for the long term. We’re not satisfied to just sell a car today, only to repo it tomorrow. Jake Sweeney BHPH was founded to be a car company, by people with a serious car background and a commitment to serve the ever-increasing number of people faced with credit challenges.
The typical buy-here, pay-here dealer doesn’t sell as good a car as we do. Nor do they go to the lengths we do to make sure the payments will fit the customer’s budget. And they certainly don’t provide continuing service to keep the customers’ cars running. We want to get our customers on the road and keep them there.